What is BOSS?

BOSS (Business Operating System for Startups) is a dynamic ERP platform that enables businesses to function efficiently by gaining visibility and control over all their processes in a single platform. With 30+ in-built apps and 200+ modules that cover the needs of a variety of industry verticals from manufacturing to ecommerce, BOSS allows you to define your business processes the way you’d like to. From tracking leads to customer support, BOSS allows you to take charge of the entire business cycle in a transparent and cost-effective manner. The ERP platform is available in a basic version, BOSS Vanilla, and an advanced version, BOSS Intelligent.

How the BOSS suite of apps help your business


An intelligent ERP

BOSS Intelligent is not just another full-function ERP. Running below the elegant interface is a host of algorithms that capitalize on in-built AI-based libraries to manage workflows for complex processes while handling multiple variables.

How BOSS Intelligent works:

Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning technologies, BOSS Intelligent streamlines your workflow such that redundant tasks can be removed and the process flow can be shortened to its most logical and efficient version. BOSS Intelligent uses cognitive automation capabilities to make decisions for you based on a logical analysis of a scenario, similar to human thought processes. Let’s take a scenario where a customer service representative must service customer requests by referring to the right knowledge base resource. BOSS Intelligent’s Customer Support app can automate this process by organizing a knowledge bank of possible issues/queries and their best answers by compiling records of customer interactions and matching these to the right knowledge base articles. Then when customers call or write in, the system can automatically mail across the right solutions in reply or can even be programmed to ‘talk’ to customers like a Digital Assistant and explain the solution in a manner that corresponds to the way the question is framed, thanks to its NLP capabilities. This will free up your customer support staff to involve themselves in more value-adding business processes.

BOSS versions - Features


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